PSA: Watch Broad City

Broad City is currently on it’s second season on that little network known as Comedy Central, and I am still flabbergasted when I am talking to people, women especially, who have not yet heard of it.  Let me just break it down for you right quick:


I’m not going to get into how I’ve been onto Ms. Abby Jacobson & Ilana Glazer since their web series forever fucking ago and how Amy Poehler was all ‘this shit is amazing’ during their UCB days (Upright Citizens Brigade if you’re in middle America) and decided to produce the first season and then everyone was like YASSSS and then Season 2 came out with a little more production value and every week I think its my favorite episode evar and then the next one comes out and my mind is blown. They make Lena’s GIRLfriends look like over-privileged whiny rich kids  (I mean get outta here MIMI ROSE) because they are. Abby & Ilana are my spirit animals and are the REAL voice of a generation, sorry Dunham. I still watch your show, I just don’t relate to it from the very bottom of my core like I do when Abby and Ilana scam gift cards for pot money or eat shellfish to the point of anaphylactic shock (that one Really struck a chord doe.)

My video from Broad City Live at The Troubadour…

Im not even going to START with Hannibal Buress who is also on this show because I have become a huge fan from his cameos as Ilana’s casual man friend and dentist extraordinaire, Lincoln.  Recently just saw his stand up in LA and it was HIGHlarious. A must see if he comes to your town.