High Fashion Anime

At first glance my friend Eastyn is my complete opposite. We spend our free time doing things that fall at the complete opposite ends of the spectrum of what one would consider a good time. However, we have discovered things that we vibe hard on…and those things are Broad City and FASHION. 

E + KRecently, Eastyn started this great new tumblr, High Fashion Anime, and obviously, Im on this shit, all over it. I don’t even like anime and this shit is dope. So I had to put her on, and I asked”

KK: “Eastyn, what was your highspiration for starting High Fashion Anime tumblr?”

EC: “As somebody who is a huge fucking dork for most things anime, but is also into fashion, it can be a little bit difficult to combine both interests in an organized fashion. High Fashion Anime was born of boredom and of a desire to condense my interests into one location. A place to geek out but also be fabulous all at once.”

{photo to the left was taken at our Holiday party 2014. Baes bein baes.}