August 25, 2012

We started our road trip to San Francisco from LA at the crack of dawn, loaded up the car, hit Starbucks and were on the road. We took the 101 up and cut over to the PCH for the best part of the drive, through Carmel, Big Sur, and Santa Cruz. The road is literally cut into the side of a mountain, and after a few hours of the windy path at slow speeds (there were hardly any guard rails to prevent you from going over the cliff) I had a headache. The AMAZING views certainly made up for it though. Here are some flicks I snapped with the 5D on the way up the coast.

You begin to see this dense stream of fog flowing from the mountains to the ocean in Big Sur. It looks like a cloud but you can actually see it moving.

This is inside the fog, we rolled down the windows and the wind was so strong, it was pushing the car on the road. You can taste the cold, wet, sea air.

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