I love a good editorial. I also love Slim Aarons. When I came across these photos I fell instantly in love. I feel like these photographs embody the very reason I wanted to, and do, live in LA.

This photo to the left, where Slim Aarons’ wife, Rita, is seen floating about in a pool, a seemingly normal California scene save for the enormous Christmas tree rising out of one end, served as the inspiration for this photoshoot. Eva Mendes created the character of “Delores Carmen” and acts out a day in the life of this 1950’s era housewife as she goes about her day prepping the house for another California Christmas.

The location then would be integral to the story of Dolores Carmen, a woman devoted to her immaculate home, meticulously wrapped presents, and lush faux eye lashes. After much deliberation Mendes decided upon the Brody House, an iconic piece of Los Angeles architecture, built in 1949 by A. Quincy Jones, who was consistently drawn to the natural fusion of outdoor and indoor spaces within a singular structure—a concept that wholly suits a Christmas fête in warm weather. There would, of course, be a Christmas tree in the atrium.

“Dolores is the kind of woman who thinks dishwashers are a bit excessive but dons evening gloves while arranging flowers; she finds BEAUTY where it’s often left unnoticed— in the tenderness of a broken heart or the FRAGILITY in a wilted petal.”


photos c/o Violet Grey

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