49 Palms Oasis

January 31, 2013

I had never been to Joshua Tree, so we took a little detour en route to Palm Springs a couple weekends ago. Being the avid researcher/trip planner I am, I wanted to choose a hike that would be only a couple hours long as it was a day trip, and that would have a destination or end goal (because you could say I don’t like touristy stuff and I get bored easily.) I read that you are “rewarded with a beautiful and stunning oasis of palm trees amidst an arid desert landscape” and I was sold.

It was just a street sign off the road with no ranger station collecting a fee and no signs until you get to a parking lot – so far so good. We followed the trail up and over numerous peaks not having any clue what we were looking for. It could have been likened to Mars, eery and quiet except for the occasional sound of an explosion off in the distance. We concluded there had to be some government shit going on because it was clearly a bomb or something detonating every 15 min or so…

After making our way over a hill, we saw bright green palm trees nestled into a valley in the distance. It was rather amazing how fake it looked in the middle of the desert. It was a really fun day trip and I even got to make my own cactus garden at a road side shop on the way back. 😎

and my wittle cacti!

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